Construction Law

It is vital for you to instruct a law firm that has the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with the twists and turns that inevitably occur in a construction law dispute. Whether you are a home owner or a contractor, our law firm has the expertise to deal with your case.

When you have a vast quantity of documents that flow from your construction project, and have a situation where you are overwhelmed, trust our team to advocate, and negotiate for you.

Our team services property owners, builders, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, and lenders in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial construction matters.

Are you a contractor? Have you not been paid?

Under the Construction Lien Act, you have special rights not available to other business in Ontario.

If you have a contract with the party whom you are seeking monies (this is called “privity of contact”). Under the Construction Lien Act “privity” of contract” is not required as a trade has the right to place a construction lien against the property for which they provided services and/or material.

You have to act fast!

You must register a lien within 45 days of the last date that services or materials were provided. If there is publication of a date of “substantial completion” under the provisions in a construction trade magazine, the period for registering a lien can be even shorter.

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